Project Campfire
Project Campfire


I’m Sunny Fassler, a writer, content marketer, storyteller, creator and journalist working with some of the biggest, brightest and boldest brands in sports, lifestyle and adventure travel.


At first, it was warm, cozy and dark...

Now, I'm a writer & storyteller - sometimes liked, sometimes loved, for my stories and content creations.

I’ll throw, jump or shoot myself out of anything for a great story, unless it’s my day off or if mom is watching.

Besides looking for favorite love online (obviously for my work), I engage in activities involving H₂O and boards, friends, reads, travels, adventures, coffee - and on good days, all at the same time.


Over the years, I've chased stories far and wide—over oceans, between timezones, across continents. Writing is my beat, my way to connect, communicate and delve into the heart of our world. My approach? Simple. Feet firmly planted, eyes wide open for the untold, the overlooked—stories big and small. As a result, my work has been featured in major outdoor, surf, action sports, travel, and adventure publications. And my words live on websites of brands like Firewire, Volcom, New Balance, Billabong, Hype Energy, and many more.


Stories, man, they are special. project campfire was born from my deep-seated love for storytelling. This is where my heart beats the loudest - the twists and turns, the build-up the encore, storytelling done right is where the rubber meets the road. Brand storytelling has the power to educate, transform and entertain all in one breath. My fascination lies in creating story-driven content that stands the test of time, crafting compelling narratives for lifestyle, sports, and adventure brands worldwide - that's the promise.


In the thick of it, that's where you'll find me. Not only as the creator, writer, and host of Duct Tape Theory - a show that blends the appeal of documentaries with the intimate storytelling of podcasts and the power of words, but also in the shadows, on the fringes and thoroughly behind the scenes, creating narratives that resonate and linger for the world wide web, film, and radio long after the credits roll.


I always wanted to be a journalist. Out in the field - at the fringes of our maps - uncovering and reporting harsh truths and groundbreaking news. Until reality hit. Turns out I hate traditional news reporting. I like stories. I like the outdoors, the adventure. I like the dirt under my nails and the wind against my face. Thus, for the last decade or so, I have carved out a niche for myself in the action sports media landscape, far away from the pumpkin fair, north of San Diego, I first reported on.

Untold escapades? Say hello!


Partners in adventure

Crack open a cold one and have a look at some of my present and past partners in adventure below. Then, pull up a seat around the fire and let’s chat about your next expedition.


Collabs around the campfire.

Shout out to the dreamers, the innovators, the shakers & movers, the trailblazers, and the pioneers who provide a home for my work. It's you who make project campfire what it is - a place where creative minds come together and turn what ifs into what's next.


Rates for my work start at 85€/hour

I'm all about flexibility. Whether it's per hour, project-base, or on a retainer, I'm in. Just to keep things transparent from the get go, my rates start at EUR 85.00 per hour, USD 93.00 per hour, AUD 142.00 per hour or insert your currency (and conversion) here. Whatever works for you, works for me.

Sunny's way with words gives life to our products and brand story - he's the creative force behind the engaging content that sets Hype Energy Drinks apart from the rest.
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Andre Gurdian
Head of Marketing at Hype Energy
Sunny has a knack for telling Finisterre's story in ways that captivate readers across channels. His writing vividly captures the spirit of who we are and what we believe in.
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Tom Kay
Founder Finisterre